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Material Plastic
Overall Size 13mm Width

14.5mm Length

  • AH01 (All Size)
  • AH02 (All Size)
  • AH03 (All Size)
  • AH04 (All Size)
  • AH05 (All Size)
  • DS01 (All Size)
  • DS03 (All Size)
  • DS05 (All Size)
  • DS06 (All Size)
  • DS07 (All Size)
  • DS08 (All Size)
  • DS09 (All Size)
Qty 150 Pieces Included

 (Enough for up to 4 wheels)

    Rivet Removal Instruction:

    Tools you will need :

    1.Needle nose pliers
    2. Heat gun (optional)
    3. Micro fiber Cloth
    4. Soap and water solution

    1. First clean the area around the rivets with the soap and water solution upon which you would like to remove.
    2. (If not using a heat gun proceed to step #3) Use a heat gun to slightly heat the plastic rivet so that it is malleable.
    3. Use needle nose pliers to grip onto rivet firmly.
    4. Firmly pull rivets away from face using a back and forth motion. (Using water and soap solution can lubricate the area and ease the process of removal.)
    5. Your rivet is removed and is ready for replacement.

    Rivet installation Instruction:

    Things you will need :

    1.Micro fiber towel
    2. Soapy water (lubricant)
    3. Small rubber mallet

    1. Spray soapy water into rivet holes.
    2. Place rivet into corresponding hole.
    3. Wrap rubber mallet in micro fiber towel or place micro fiber towel on top of rivet.
    4. Gently tap rivet into position until base is flush.
    5. Repeat.

    ⚠Warning: Cancer and reproductive

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    Benito T.
    United States United States
    Very upset that I needed

    Very upset that I needed to replace them after only less than a year, and have the same issues with the wheel fading and peeling in less than a year!! I tried to use the warranty thru fitment industries but you guys denied the claim. It's a shame I won't be purchasing anything else from Aodhan