Michael's S2000

S2_Mixel's S2K 
 The Honda S200 is an iconic car in the car enthusiast culture. Everybody knows this car as Johnny Tran's S2000 beating out Jesse for pinks in The Fast And The Furious, or the fellas may even be more fond of Suki's pink S2. Whether your style is function or form, the S2000 is the perfect platform.


Michael is definitely very talented, with all the photos being captured by him. Michael is running the DS01 in 18x9.5/18x10.5 in the Vacuum Gold color. With +22 offset all around. These aren't the easiest fit in the world, as the camber specs are -4.5 rear and around -1.5 front. With that, these DS's are snuggled in those fenders like a mama bear and her cub. Tire specs are 215/35R18 up front and 225/35R18 in the rear, If you're wanting this look with your S2K, take a note form Michael!


What Michael has done with this build is nothing short of perfection. Simple, Clean, Detailed. The color combination of the Vacuum Gold against the Sebring Silver Metallic is like a Waltz perfectly executed. A home run when the bases are loaded, whatever it is. It's amazing.

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