DS2 Fit for A King

Fit For A King. Amir's M3 on Aodhan Wheels DS02 Vacuum Gold finish. When an M3 comes to mind, you think performance and luxury; the epitome of Perfection. Amir really hit the mark with this build featuring the DS02's. Giving the vehicle that finishing touch of luxury. Contrasting the Laguna Seca Blue, the Vacuum Gold illuminates brilliantly through any condition. The M3 body engulfs the Aggressive staggered setup of 19x9.5 +25/ 19x11 +20 (5mm Spacer) with ease and confidence. 215/35R19 and 265/35R19 tuck in elegantly with the body. DS02 is the perfect choice for any BMW enthusiasts seeking the performance and pure luxury of a masterpiece.  Amir is running 215/35/19 Nankang NS-20 with 10mm spacer and -2.2 degrees camber in the front and 265/30/19 Nankang NS-20 with 20mm spacer and -3.4 degrees camber in the rear! 



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