Mustang GT with Brembo brakes? No Problem!

 2015 Mustang GT on Aodhan DS02 Vacuum Gold. Installed by Extreme Wheels. Capturing the Arizona sunrise at Saguaro Lake. The DS series is the perfect statement for any vehicle. This Mustang proves that. The Lustrous gold against the Deep Impact Blue is a match made in heaven.


  Most people tend shy away from aftermarket wheels, or have difficulty finding the right wheel due to brake clearance. The 2015 Mustang GT is equipped with Brembo brakes, So clearance must be an issue right? He must be running spacers! Well the simple answer to that is No. 2mm Shaved off of the Brembo brakes is all it takes to clear the barrel.  The DS02 has no problem clearing the Brembo brakes of the 2015 Mustang GT. Seen here is the Aodhan DS02 19x9.5 ET22 on all four corners wrapped in Pirelli P Zero's with a 2mm shave. There should be no hesitation when deciding on the Aodhan DS02.


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