A New Element of Direction



 The DS03 puts a new element of direction on our lineup of innovative, and creative designs. Direction is the base of the DS03’s unique and aggressive impression. Creating a directional wheel is no easy task, requiring twice the number of molds for production. 

Standard Sizes
18x9.5 | 5x114.3 | +15 | +22 | +30 
18x9.5 | 5x100 | +35
18x10.5 | 5x114.3 | +15 | +22

Standard Colors
Black Vacuum | Gold Vacuum | Vacuum Chrome 

Lip Size 
 | 2.95"
18x10.5 | 3.83







The DS03 is produced in a variety of bolt patterns and widths for many vehicle specific applications. We've also maximized the most out of our design to get the most generous lip sizes front and rear. 18x9.5 with 2.95" and 18x10.5 with 3.83" Unlike it's single direction counterparts the DS03 rotates with the direction of the car regardless of which perspective is portrayed. 



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